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A moment of honesty

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My story is simple, I grew up with a dream to always work in the fashion industry. The sketches you see pictured here were my happy place when I came home from school. My mom used to take me to the Ebony Fashion Fair every year when it came to Providence, RI. -closest city to New Bedford. It is said I was named after a famous black model but that’s another story for another day 😉. As a young black girl, seeing those beautiful models of all shades adorned with European designer clothes was heaven on earth. And anybody that went to an Ebony Fashion Fair show knows it was all about the “twirl”...I knew I wanted to be part of this world. Fast forward through getting my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising from CAU and then earning my Masters from FIT, I knew I was on the path to pure success. But once I finally got my foot in the door (and it wasn’t easy) in corporate at a major retailer, the black girl magic hit a reality I didn’t see coming and I found that not only at this retailer but at every job that I worked for, I was the only “one”or one of two in my role. How could this be? There were so many talented black people like me.

I write this to say, this should not be the norm. More black people should have the same access and should be in more prominent roles in these companies that are now saying they stand with us.

This is why I created B.LYN Consulting, to offer my knowledge and skills to people who do not have access into the behind the scenes of fashion to build their brands. Create space where we are celebrated and encouraged to grow for who we are.

Jeremiah 29:11 resonates with me because I truly believe we all have a purpose and we need to use our gifts to inspire and nurture us.

Love y’all.


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